Electro-vibrator and linear exciter

These equipment have wide application in the mining industry, industrial processes, building materials, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, and other industries where mobility is a key step. These vibrators installed on the feeders, screens, bins, hoppers, silos, vibrating tables, and other vibratory equipment will help in conveying, feeding, screening, drying, compressing, dosing, weighing, and unloading materials.


Italvibras has been exclusively produced specialized vibrators from 1959 AD (1337 AH). The entire production cycle including design, fabrication, and testing of motor vibrators and linear exciter takes place in the Fiorano plants in Italy. MVSI series of motor vibrators are the most common type of vibrator which have application in almost various industries. Variation in the power, impact, of different turning time lead to wide variety of its applications.

  • Mechanical protection: IP 66 according to IEC 529, EN 60529
  • Protection against shock: IK 08 according to IEC 68, EN 50102
  • Thermal class: class H (180 °C) on request, Class F (155 °C)
  • Ambient temperature: -30 °C to + 40 °C (higher or lower temperature is available)
  • Shaft was made of thermal processed steel alloy
  • Electrostatic paint on a polyester powder base with polymeric epoxy
  • Adjustment of centrifugal force of vibrator from zero to one hundred through changing weight's angle