Magnetic Equipment

Fakoor International Tehran's Company has been established in 1372 as the first supplier of magnetic equipment, however, the rapid advances in technology and customers' demands for superior quality products forced FITCO to receive exclusive representation of the Italian company Tecnomagnete (one of the leading companies in the technology of magnetic equipment) in order to better respond to customer needs and also supply the company's products.


Tecnomagnete has started its activities from 1374 in the research, development, and production of magnetic equipment; and begins the production and supply of high quality and most reliable permanent magnet through patented Quad system technology; and also absorbed high percentage of worldwide demand.

Tecnomagnete products are classified into the following groups:

Lifting magnets:

    • Mechanical protection: IP 66 according to IEC 529, EN 60529

more... Magnetic tables:

    • For fixing and immobilizing the work piece during machining (milling and grinding)

more... Magnetic plates:

    • For holding plastic injection molds and molding presses
    • Suitable for holding and fixing the metallic components on the machine tool

more... Handheld magnet (lift magnets):

    • The small size and hand lever for lifting light sections up to 2 tons