Engineering Solutions & Consultancy

FITCO provides innovative and high-tech engineering solutions and consulting services. Through our experienced expert team, our approach is to assist you to form and develop the tomorrow`s products and services.

We are sure we have something exceptional for you


Engineering Services

FITCO provides design and analysis support for industrial system. Our team is highly experienced at computational dynamics and finite element analysis of components and structures. We have designed and developed several systems and parts for our customers (NIOC and its subsidiaries for example).


Test Services

FITCO provides a wide array of test services to the customers. We are familiar with the test requirements and comply with related ISO and DIN standards for testing so we can support you with developmental, qualification or acceptance testing to meet whatever you require.


Contract Services

Do you need special engineering services? We can provide you by short and long term ones as a unique solution
FITCO has a wide-ranging network of industry design and analysis engineers with great experiences.
Using our technical resources, we can provide on-site and off-site support.